Doctor Whooo Christmas Ornaments

Doctor Whooo Ornaments

So there’s a thing that happens around the holidays when I’m feeling super motivated to get things done – riding high on Christmas spirit and all that – and then the next thing I know it’s mid-January, I’ve gained 5 lbs, and I have a to-do list a mile long.

One thing at the top of that list is retroactively catching up on all of the blog posts I *meant* to post before the New Year, including this project that put several proverbial cherries on top of my Doctor Who themed Christmas tree.

If you’re a Doctor Who fan, you’ve probably come across several variations of the Doctor in owl form, from art prints to pillows. Although I don’t have much patience for intricate craft projects, I wanted to try to replicate the owl pattern in ornament form to bring a little whimsy to my Whovian holiday decor.


Materials Needed

  • Felt sheets of various colors*
  • Glue gun with a “cool” or “cold” heat setting to prevent the glue from bleeding through the felt and burning your fingers
  • Glue sticks
  • Ribbon
  • Needle
  • Thread

*After making the Fourth Doctor’s scarf into a felt holiday garland, I had a few scraps of felt left over. However, I did buy some sheets specifically for this project in orange, yellow, black, dark grey, dark blue, light blue, red, dark brown, light brown, tan, green, white, and purple.


First, you need to find an owl ornament pattern online that looks do-able for your patience and skill level. I went with this pattern from Juicy Bits, which is actually quite small and delicate. Since I don’t really do “small” and “delicate” well, I eyeballed the pattern and made a freehand version of my own on poster board, which I used as a basic template for my owls.

Next, it’s time to design. I spent a few hours hunting down images of each Doctor in an outfit that I liked and brainstorming how to turn each outfit into an easy to cut and glue design. Once I had the basics of each outfit in mind, I cut the pieces for each owl out of felt and moved on to designing the next.

Once you have your designs in order, it’s time to assemble and sew each owl. To make things easier, I glued the “front” designs on each owl (e.g. beak, eyes, wings, hair, and/or clothing) before sewing the bodies together. As I sewed the main body pieces together, I also glued a loop of ribbon in place to hang each ornament from the tree.

Finally, once your owls are more or less assembled, it’s time to stuff them with fiberfill before sealing them and hanging them on the tree. I sewed my owls “outside in” to give them a smoother edge, so I left about an inch unsealed so I could flip them “inside out” again.

Overall, I was pleased with the final result. These owl ornaments were fun to make and super-inexpensive. To be fair, they probably won’t last more than a holiday season or two – but it was a good learning experience that will most likely lead to even more elaborate Whoooovian ornaments in the future.

In retrospect, it would have been a good idea to try to make these out of wood – or a sturdier material – that could be painted with more intricate designs. But, I like my pudgy little owls for now and am looking forward to experimenting with Adipose ornaments made from a modified snowman pattern next year.

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